IMAGE Style Academy’s Online Image Consultant Certification Program is a concentrated learning experience. Our online certification program provides the flexibility to those who don’t have the desired time and are not physically accessible to us. Do this at your own speed and work at a pace that suits you – online and in your own time.

Our mission is to help students prepare to work as professional  Image consultant and make career in Image, Fashion , etiquette and Style. Our substance rich, highly focused curriculum will prepare the student for work in the exhilarating world of fashion . Students can develop their inventive talents along with business knowledge so they are ready to thrive at doing what they love and make a career  out of it.  Throughout the course there is a strong focus on applying your new knowledge to achieve practical results and benefits that your clients can see. All the key aspects of Image Consultancy are covered within the course lessons, and each lesson has an assignment requiring you to put into practice what you have just learned.

If you want a great income and successful people want to become more successful , then get internationally certified today as a Image Consultant by choosing your certification from the following levels :  

1.Fashion Styling
3. Advance

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