"I graduated from Delhi University with flying colors in 1995 but willingly gave my job of Makeup Artist for my kids. Fast forward 3 years and my life was at standstill. My own kids criticized my dressing sense, my taste, my whole personality. In due course I went through the website of ISOE and after the counselling session with them I decided to join Image Consultant Course with Image Consultant Style Academy. The course along with transforming me also completely changed my view about life. The very people who avoided me, now crave for my company. I am a hit at social gatherings. With all the knowledge I’ve gained, I am now running a successful management Training program of my own. "

---Kanchan jain

"I am a graduate in Bachelor of Commerce ( Honors ) from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. I am a simple person and love travelling and spending time with my family and friends. I have interest in different things like industry, marketing, fashion and diamonds. I am a certified diamond grader as well. I was good in studies but always wanted to do something different for myself, that I had interest in; and I felt passionate about. And then I got to know about Image Consultant Style Academy and instantly got attracted to the Image Consultant course. This was exactly what I was searching for. It is a very new concept in India, but is quite popular outside. In India as well, as the service industry is growing, requirement for image consultants is also on the rise. I am absolutely delighted to have chosen ICSA. Everyone here is fabulous - professional, fun, experienced and extremely supportive. Mrs. Monica Garg, my MENTOR, has helped me to acquire the essential skills to become an image consultant, and I am absolutely thrilled with what the training had to offer. I would like to thank Monica ma'am and the team for a wonderful learning experience. I now feel fully confident to get out there and am really excited about the opportunities ahead of me. "

---Kritika Agarwal

"I am cheshta Singla , I have often been attracted by fashion and I knew that personal style and image plays an important role in one’s success and growth. I am an MBA academically but still I felt that I am not able to express and portray my best every time I meet people .one day, through a friend I came to know about Image consultant style academy. I visited ISOE Finishing Academy, there the staff and trainers were so friendly and well trained that I fell in love with the place and its effective curriculum .Since I completed my course people around me are showering me with compliments on how great I look. Thank you so much for knitting me out in colors, styles and fabrics that suit me so well. Who knew fashion could be so easy and comfortable. Our director MS.MONICA GARG has been an inspiration throughout the journey. She is an expert of image. She was very helpful in showing me how to adapt my current wardrobe, skilled gently telling me how to enhance the impression I can leave with people. I especially enjoyed the topic on cluster which demonstrated how seven pieces can easily be interchanged to create a number of different outfits. Now, I can dress differently and perfectly every time I step out without spending a lot of additional money. Also ever since I morphed to “my colors” as taught, people can’t say enough about how good I look. I want to thank Image Consultant Style Academy again for a great job. I am confident that now I can make lasting impressions and impact on people around me. "


"Fashion, Styling, Decorum, Spiritual Science & Learning about different culture have always intrigued me. I have gained knowledge and experience in different fields over a decade. Be it in field of Tourism, Language Training, International Culinary Skills, Inner Engineering, Personality Development programmes to name a few. To enhance my inner desire & give a roadmap to my skills or knowledge derived over the period of years, I needed a proper channel. This is when I found out about a programme called Image Consultant and understood its content & benefits. I approached the Image Consultant Academy, first online & then made a personal visit. I was impressed to see the way our director Monica Garg , had earned great name & build such an intensive curriculum in the most viable way. It has been my best choice to become a part of this institute because not only it has been a platform for me to gain all necessary skills or knowledge I was looking at but also it has help me grow into a more radiant person. This all would have not been possible without my director’s guidance & her impeccable knowledge. I really appreciate and in all humility thank the entire team of the academy for making the most memorable journey osssf self-growth. "



"Since I have been a globe trotter, the aspects that have always been priority to me in life are Etiquette and Style . Knowledge is important but more important than that is the implication of knowledge in order to practise what one preaches. In the quest to convert my passion into my profession,I walked into Image Consultant Style Academy and there was no turning back. I was personally impressed by the curriculum and assessibility of the staff who ensure that one gets the best out of our investment of time,money and energy. Having a Masters in Corporate Communications/Public Relations I always wanted to pursue a people related career. In my experience this course has enabled me to gain more indepth and technical expertise in the field of Image Consulting. It has been a fun ride with the personal touch and support of the director Mrs Monica Garg who leaves no stone unturned to ensure that every person makes the best out of their time spent there. It has indeed been a wonderful journey personally and professionally and I would like to take this opportunity to thank every person at ICSA for their extended support. "


"Today's life is all about making first impression; be it a job interview, a prospect of marriage or even making friends. Without making a good first impression, one must work twice as hard to gain trust and respect from people around when today's market requires everyone to be at the top of their game. Life is full of surprises, at least that suits me. The Inception of understanding and knowing Fashion has been with me since quite long although I never thought I would ever need to put its use professionally as I was working as an HR Manager for a Real Estate Company in Noida after completing my MBA in Human Resources. Then came Image Consultant Style Academy like a bright star in my life where in Monica Mam guided me that how my knowledge of colors and fashion could be put to use correctly and according to the need of me and my clients. The course I have learned has given me the personal power to appear confident, even when the situation may feel unfamiliar. The technicalities provided are so amazing that even if you don't know much about a certain aspect once you are explained the How's & Why's you realize at that very moment that " Why a particular color/dress didn't suit you. ICSA has helped me to understand various things like what color suits one, How do some clothes work on a particular body shape, how to match your accessories with a simple outfit and still look dazzling. Well in short nothing would have been possible without the Director whom we lovingly call as Monica Mam, she has helped and guided me and my fellow batch-mates at every step. Hats off to her for being so patient with all of us. Thank You Monica Mam and Thank You Image Consultant Style Academy"


"I have always had a keen sense of fashion and wanted to do something for myself to unleash my creative talent. So after I was done with my graduation and post graduation I came across Image Consultan course which was the best thing that happened. I truly loved every minute of this course. I thought the material was very well put together and covered nearly every element of Image one might need to know before striking out on their own. I felt the modules were challenging yet easy for the novice to work through. All of these would not have been possible without my Director Mrs. Monica Garg, who provided me with an extraordinary experience and education at the Image Consultant style Academy. I would like to appreciate and give her and the other faculty members a very big Thank You ."


"While walking down the lane, I never thought I would go in some creative field. My goal was clear to graduate and post graduate and to do a white collar job. But some wise men says life is unpredictable, I heard about IMAGE CONSULTANT STYLE ACADEMY and I felt I want to learn and further want to teach other people in the society. This course has brought 360 change in my life. Image consultancy course made my world revolve around sophistication, creativity, colours. All of these would not have been possible without our director Mrs Monica Garg her dedication towards work is truly an inspiration to watch. I really thank her for sharing her knowledge with me and she taught me like her own child. And further the other faculty and staff was very supportive. I want to affirm you Image Consultant Style Academy is best thing has happened to me."


"It was interesting. I am now able to select the right accessories, colors for myself and this has helped me to reduce the time and effort spent in shopping . Now I will be able to guide myself and others too. Thank you so much for all your help and the wonderful information you provided me in the workshop I had a wonderful time and a fantastic experience."

---Ding Shan Shan 

" Thanks it was very interesting . I think I learnt quite a lot from you, which I am definitely going to try to put into practice.thank you for being a fantastic teacher and you are just fabulous! Thank you so very much for helping me so much to discover what my next step is in life....I have thoroughly enjoyed your course and won't forget your patience and calmness during my learning process! Wishing you much success and happiness...."

---Wu Qiu Yi

"I was overwhelmed when my friend said to me, "You're looking gorgeous and very chic these days!" all thanks to the guidance given by you. Found YOUR presentation to be very informative and insightful. YOU provided practical tips that could be implemented immediately by everyone on color ,style and fashion."

---Hong Jin

"you have completely transformed the way I look at clothes,color , styling and accessorizing how I put things together and how I feel about myself.I cannot thank you enough. Shopping for clothes doesn't scare me any longer – you showed me what suits me and what colors to go for and now I actually quite enjoy it!!"

---Lu Ling Si

"I found your knowledge & experience invaluable in helping me to achieve the style and look I wanted to achieve through out my life.Ms.Monica is a passionate and engaging speaker who understands the importance of image in this competitive world. Really appreciate the curriculum."

---Wang Lu Lu

"My dreams have always revolved around colors, creativity, sophistication, poise and an excellent turnout. This process was initiated when I started training with Mud from New York, Mac India, photo shots, ramp shots and training sessions abroad. Despite all my international experiences, I need to consolidate all of it methodologically and that's where ICSA came up. The training is here most intensive and professional yet personalized. It’s all about making  you  a winner in life. Image consultant course is dynamic, positive and productive towards life enhancing skills. All of these would not have been possible without my Director Mrs. Monica Garg , her zest and passion has taken me way towards ahead in my life. The amount of knowledge I have learnt here in ICSA is fabulous. I would like to appreciate and give her a very big Thank You .I want to affirm ICSA is by far the best thing that is happened to me. The curriculum here is the best in the world."


" We never realize how much in detail the components of Image can be and there could be so much science behind it. There are so many technical knowledge about face shape, body shape, analysis and color analysis and so on. It really attracted me so much, the course was so interesting that I had to join it. My experience with the course was really awesome. The classes were very interesting and interactive .We learnt something new every time , course was globally accepted, very structured and comprehensive. We had so much fun in cafe days , done practical’s on the clinic days .The staff was really helpful every time. Monica mam , she is a lovely teacher who opened her heart ,mind and shared her love and passion about the every aspect of Image industry. She left no stone unturned."


" I am a certified Image Consultant from Image Consultant Style Academy. I have 9 years of experience in various sectors in Hr, Pr and training in various MNC’s Indian corporate sector. My passion for beautiful people and giving them a meaning to their persona has helped me, thanks to ICSA and for the much awaited course of Image Consultancy which has endless knowledge of Art and Science of Image Management . There has been a complete 360 degree change in my personality and Image. It has strengthened my confidence and passion. My Image has reached to a level where my presence empowers the people around me. The experience with the Academy has gone beyond the level that one could expect.They stood like a pillar to help us to achieve the goals. The curriculum is designed in such a way which has subjects which I always wanted to equip myself with proficiency. The most interesting part of the course was the projects and assignments given to us which helps us to attain our goals in a much better way that one could expect. Mrs. Monica Garg has gone beyond her limitations to enable me to follow my passion. She helped me to build my part of career which is fulfilled and based on my passion ,I feel blessed and glad to have her as my mentor .She understands my ambitions and passion and has dropped me to a level where I can achieve them successfully. "


"I believe that being groomed makes you happy externally as well as internally. I would like to thank Monica Ma’am for the whole Image Consultant Certification experience. I believe I made a great decision of taking the course from someone who is not only a trusted name in the field, but more importantly someone who is encouraging, dedicated and passionate to help others to become better in every way possible. I truly appreciate how she has made herself always available and generously expressed recognition for my work. Once again a special thank you to Monica ma’am my teacher, and to everyone from whom I've learned enormous knowledge. The contents of the course, without any doubt were rich and relevant. On the other hand, the assignments and learning outcomes were able to push me to discipline myself and excel in what I do -- both of which, I believe are significant life lessons that are not easily acquired through other programs. I was surprised how these little tweaks she mentioned made such an instant difference. I would always be thankful to my mentor for empowering me for the years ahead -- both in my professional and personal growth. I look forward to applying what I have learned through your program in my life. "


"I am an Image Consultant and have done this programme from Image Consultant Style Academy. When I came to know about this course, I really liked it and immediately enrolled myself for it. No wonder the course content, the teaching methods and the tools were brilliant. This course has given me altogether an edge as a woman and imparted me the confidence that has made me an individual and a powerful woman. Studying with ICSA was always fulfilled with presentations, amazing cafe days and of course the shopping lessons. We used to enjoy it totally; our director Mrs.Monica Garg was not only a teacher but more than that she is a true guide. She is a powerful inspiration and always a great friend. After doing this course, it was of great help as I have discovered altogether a new power, a much more groomed personality and a total new outlook towards life. I will recommend to all girls to pull up their sleeves and be there in Image Consultant Style Academy for Image Consultant Programme because you won't believe "What you are going to get in the end, is totally a new you." Thank You , ICSA and of course Monica mam , for providing me such an important career of the life time. "


"The Style and Fashion have always enticed me. After the completion of the course, I have found a new recharged me with right direction and vision to my thoughts. I am more focused ,confident and technically correct. The kind of intense technical knowledge that ICSA is imparting is commendable. The detailed knowledge of tools and kits that are provided with, are brilliant and helpful in deep understanding of the subject. I enjoyed each and every aspect of my learning, it is an eye opener for me. All of this experience which I had throughout the programme was commendable and knowledgeable. My career as Consultant has taken a leap from here. I will recommend to all those aspiring females who want to pursue their career in IMAGE CONSULTANCY to join ICSA and become the "WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE".


"I came to know about ICSA when I was reading newspaper. I ponder and clinch to visit ICSA, as I found the curriculum and ambience diverse here. I joined ICSA, as it trains to become an Image Consultant by uniquely developed course programme for those who are looking for the best in area of IMAGE CONSULTANCY. It's one of the best place to be and I'm privileged to be one of the graduates of this programme. I can definitely assure that my experience was intense yet overwhelming. It set me apart yet connected and variant from structures, sophistication, superb interactions. Practically I was challenged intellectually with every single topic covered. A Thousand "THANK YOU" to Mrs.Monica Garg who is a Master Image and Style expert with the wide knowledge about the industry worldwide. Her excellent abilities to facilitate and teach the programme with true guidance made me a standout as an Image Consultant graduate. In my career I really like to be an Image Consultant like her."


"Thank YOU. You bring a wonderful spirit and enthusiasm to this – and as a result, I enjoyed every moment of it.Have no words to explain on what I achieved after attending the program.Thanks a lot for your splendid work! No doubt I will recommend you to the world as the best image and style expert."

---Kasia blocka

"I learned a lot both about style and myself in a short time. You are very artistic. I am very much encouraged by you, the way you hold yourself and present yourself with style and confidence and energy its stupendous ."

---Anna sari

"Your program on color and style was extremely helpful and massively appreciated! I have so much research to do and I am extremely ecstatic because of it!"Thank you for facilitating us. You were marvelous. We meticulously enjoyed your management and look forward to attending the workshops with you in the very near future."

---Sarah karobia

"I am glad that you were able to share your expertise with us . It was definitely fun and a learning experience and I am sure everyone enjoyed it a lot. Thank you!”your program was enlightening, fun and stimulating. couldn’t have asked for more it was just perfect and the curriculum was the must educating."

---Lwona Coronado

" It was an eye opener for me , I thought I knew my style but after attending the workshop I have discovered a new me …..all thanks to Monica.It was great insight on color ,fashion and style ..got to know so many new things about me and my fashion style and the colors that suits me ….its like I am born again al together..thank you for this wonderful workshop."

---Ferina duenas

" What a thrilling program it was …opened up all new horizon in the field of color and fashion..totally in love with the concept and the methodology and curriculum used …hope to have such programs in future ….thank you for the lovely time you gave us Ms,Monica."

---Meg hartigan

" High energy, very powerful, her style is to support people to bring out their full potential, her subtle style certainly does that. Outstanding insights on fashion and style.I deeply appreciate what we have learned today and for her warmest service and expert style knowledge which has made me more confident and cheerful in my outlook in life."

---Zola a marte

" Thank you so much for providing such excellent training sessions.It was very informative, well structured and beautifully illustrated. Helped a lot. Fantastic program, never in the past have enjoyed any training sessions as I did in this one ..loved the hands on training given by Ms. Monica on color and style. The workshop was great and very informative and got to know what color I should wear and what personal style I have. Thrilled to apply all this in my daily life."

---Effie placeres