Your appearance, makeup, hairdo and clothes are as important as your smile. In all spheres of life whether its personal, professional and social projecting your positive Image with unique Style is becoming a trend now days and to perform this task with extensive specialization Fashion Stylist are there .

Fashion stylist professionals give fashion advice to ensure that clients will be able to showcase their desired fashion image. They provide insights on how wardrobes should be worn, what accessories will harmonize a particular outfit, what outfit color will suit the client, and many more. In general, fashion stylist must be able to combine the latest fashion trends with the client's personal taste. This is critical to ascertain that they will be able to convey the message that the client wants

to achieve. Fashion Stylist is a person who is more aware of what clothes and cuts best fit a body type and can view a makeover objectively. In an Image Consultant Style Academy you will get a proper training in order to become a professional Fashion Stylist.

In addition to the above global curriculum designed by our Image & style Expert, In Image Consultant style Academy you will receive top notch training, complete Assessment tools, complete study material with interactive exercises, coaching instruction and in the field training not only to ensure the success but also to increase your marketability within the industry.

Working as a professional fashion stylist will certainly offer you a rewarding and fulfilling job that allows you to get paid by making people look and feel beautiful.

Fashion stylist receives lucrative pay rates  As a Certified fashion stylist , you can expect to raise your hourly rate and with experience you can realistically double your clientele to 6 clients per month and  you will be able to bill your clients on  a  higher hourly basis.