Become a member of IFIC

International Association of Image Consultant.
The Image Consulting Industry is the most thriving industry in this decade and in the Indian Sub-continent and the Middle East. As in the competitive and fast challenging era your image is considered as the best visiting card.  First impression plays a very significant role for everyone, so we need to understand that  image consultancy is from individual to celebrities, from student to corporate employees and from housewives to professionals.
International Association of Image Consultant  is that platform where all the Image Consultant of Indian Sub Continent and the Middle East  can associate together to assist the society to grow in a positive manner and promote image consulting practices in India and other parts of the world.
Privileges for IFIC Members:-After becoming the member of IFIC following privileges are given to the members.

    • Have your own professional profile on IFIC website.
    • Use of IFIC Member logo on stationary and on your website.
    • Gain a high level of professional creditability.
    • Get more Visibility.
    • Benefits of joint internet advertisement which takes potential clients to your profile.
    • It taps you into highly reputed profession by refining your skills.
    • It strengthens your image with a professional affiliation.
    • Understanding the code of Ethics which raises the  credibility.
    • It opens all doors of opportunity.
    • Join a private face book exclusively for the IFIC members so that they can communicate with other members easily and share photos, videos, and links to topics of interest.