Program Synopsis

Image Consultant in India- Productive Industry in this trendy era.

Now here is the time to become a Master in Image, Style, Fashion and Corporate world.

As per the various business books and  researches Image Consulting  proves to be the  most thriving business  where your expenditure will become your asset .With the rapid increase in population of India where people are eagerly following new trends and fashion , it is attracting large number of  prospective clients .ICSA unique programs offer a great business opportunity for women – “How to became an Image Consultant”.  After becoming a certified Image Consultant from ICSA you will be doctor in Image, Style, Fashion, Communication and Etiquette which helps you to position yourself in the chosen market. A certified Image consultant from ICSA can position themselves as Industry experts.
ICSA has a vision of being the only and the number one Institute in India offering strong pedestal to build great package and confidence of an individual irrespective of the age group. Our aim is to put the theoretical modules in effective practice and develope your personal creativity by inducing multicultural knowledge. With well researched curriculum created by team of Image & Style experts from Switzerland, Dublin, USA imparting global knowledge in Image, style, fashion, design and communication .After the completion of the course they can setup their own new venture in which we provide you the full sales, marketing and business support with 4A’s of marketing, public relations skills and other necessary requirement for the setup of venture. A certified Image consultant from ICSA can position themselves as Industry experts.

Global Fact

As India is being exposed to the globalization the need to understand different Attires, Communication styles, Etiquette, Corporate cultures, body language is becoming utmost important for all i.e. for individuals , corporate people and even for industries. Although India is best in technology and business, but people are still not aware of projecting their positive image in the society .By considering this fact from students to professionals, housewives to corporate, people have started understanding the concept of image consultant and need their help to project right image.

Discover the New You

“ICSA helps you to discover the new you”. We are working towards Image, Etiquette, Fashion, Style and Lifestyle which guides people to give a complete new look in life. Our holistic approach helps to develop the unique style not only in personal life but also in professional area by analyzing and assessing specific roles of life which cover all aspects of personality and working comprehensively towards best solutions to create a long lasting impression in your first meeting.