Course Content

The Program is such a widespread programme premeditated to meet the in depth needs of international fashion and style experts who really nurture their fashion and styling skills through consummate studies and they will be master in the following:

  • Identification of universal concept of Image
  • Understanding Self Concept
  • Identification of different traits of personality and tools to enhance it.
  • Analyzing Lifestyle of people
  • Harmony in clothing coordination
  • Silhouette- Get a fabulous fit by creating a fantastic silhouette.
  • Color Concept– its theory and its applications
  • Develop look according to the personal style and coloring
  • Skin Analysis
  • Body, face and shape analysis
  • Fashion and Style Principles
  • Understanding  fabric concept
  • Wardrobe Evaluation
  • Capsule wardrobe
  • Cluster Concept
  • Effective Shopping Strategies
  • Identify the difference between casual attire and the corporate attire
  • Corporate Cultures- conduction of corporate seminars, workshops, presentations.
  • Style of Communication and non verbal impact
  • Travel & Style
  • New venture Setup- Able to set up your new venture with full business support, analysis 4 A’s of marketing, sales inflows strategies and public relation skills
  • Image management of the client


After becoming a certified Image Consultants from ICSA our dynamic consultants can conduct various evaluations:-

  • Fit and fashion Evaluation
  • Fashion Style Evaluation
  • Cluster Plan Journal Evaluation
  • Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Hair style Evaluation
  • Etiquette Evaluation
  • Personality Style Evaluation
  • Image Evaluation
  • Color Analysis
  • Skin Analysis
  • Face Shape Analysis
  • Personal shopping
  • Wardrobe Analysis
  • Makeover
  • Counseling